H1 Energy Efficiency Requirements

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) for New Zealand, Aotearoa, has announced an imminent update to the Building Code compliance regulations set to be implemented in November 2023. One of the documents impacted by this revision is the H1/VM1 Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods For New Zealand Building Code Clause H1 Energy Efficiency. This is a pivotal document that delineates the verification process for the building thermal envelope across various constructions.

The upcoming H1/VM1 modifications represent a transition period in the construction sector. GREENZ is here to turn this transitional phase into an opportunity for all our clients. By prioritising energy efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness, we ensure our partners always remain ahead of the curve. Choose Greenz for a seamless, future-proof building experience.

H1/VM1: What’s Changing?

  • Enhanced methods to bolster the energy efficiency of building envelopes.
  • Minimum insulation/R-values and new thermal resistance determination methods.
  • The modifications have been curated to minimize the need for drastic design changes, especially for windows.
  • While the fabrication of windows will evolve, installation remains unchanged.

R-values Updates

Original R-values currently register at 0.367. The new mandates modify these values to:

  • Zones 1-4: 0.460
  • Zones 5-6: 0.50

With an R-value of 0.66, GREENZ products substantially exceed the new minimum requirement of 0.460.

GREENZ offers standard-sized windows and doors of the highest specification, aligned with the H1 insulation requirements set for

November 2023. Our business model guarantees substantial cost savings, which we directly pass on to our clients. This approach

ensures our customers enjoy the best prices combined with shortened lead times – a true win/win strategy for all involved

  • Thermal Break Profile: Ensures better insulation and reduces thermal transfer.
  • Low E Safety Glass Double Glazing: High-quality glazing that ensures better insulation and safety.
  • Argon Gas: Improves insulation by reducing heat transfer.
  • German Roto Hardware: Superior, durable, and efficient hardware systems.
  • 10-Year Warranty: A testament to our confidence in the quality and durability of our products.
  • CodeMark Certified: A mark of quality assurance and conformity to NZ standards.
  • Stock Availability: Our standard range is always in stock, ready for delivery.
  • Customisability: Clients can order in their specific sizes with a lead time of 10 weeks.
  • Swift Delivery: Once in stock, a lead time of just 1 week to have products delivered directly to your site.
  • Best Price Guarantee: GREENZ offers the most competitive pricing in the market.
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